The Healthy Muslimah Summit 2017

Speaker Schedule 

Day 1 - Physical Health 

29th July 2017 

Kate Hepburn 

Healthy Muslimah 

Then and Now. Food in the Time of the Prophet (ﷺ) and Food Now.

Nazima Qureshi

Nutrition by Nazima

How to Make Healthy Eating the Simple Choice 

Ameera Rahim

Traditional Muslimah Homemaker

Beneficial Herbs for Women

Day 2 - Emotional Health 

30th July 2017 

Na'ima B. Robert

SISTERS Magazine 

Hold on to the Rope of Allah

Julianne Kinsey

Julianne Kinsey 

Lost in Busy 

Khadija Abdus Sabur

Women by Nature 

How Erecting Boundaries can Set you Free in Life, Love and Deen 

Day 3 - Emotional and Mental Health and Well-being 

31st July 2017 

Fatima Kazem


Decluttering your Physical and Mental Space 

Khalida Haque

Khair Therapeutic Services & the Big Reconnect Sleepover

Self Care and Holistic Wellbeing

LaYinka Sanni

LaYinka Sanni

Change your Story, Change your Life

Amran Abdi

Amran Abdi

Exercise For Your Heart

Day 4 - Spiritual Health

1st August 2017

Asmaa Hussein 

Ruqaya's Bookshelf

Keys to Emotional and Spiritual Resilience

Umm Talha

MA Circle

Halaqah Power - the Benefits of Attending a Circle

Sumayah Hassan

Recite and Reflect

Developing a Healthy Relationship with the Quran

Day 5 - Women's Health

2nd August 2017 

Chelsea Lynn

Wellness Muslimah 

Balancing Hormones Through Nutrition 

Heba Shaheed

The Pelvic Expert 

Let's Talk About Periods 

Dr. Tehsin Malik

Muslimah Fertility

5 Steps to Fight PCOS and Take Control of Your Fertility 

Day 6 - Birth and Breastfeeding 

3rd August 2017 

Anisah Abdullah

Inherent Birth

My Healthiest Pregnancy

Hind Adeagbo

Healing with Hind

How your Birth Affects your Long-Term Health 

Umm Layla

Umm Layla

More than Just Food. Giving Our Ummah the Best Breast Start. 

Day 7 - Family and Marital Health 

4th August 2017 

Kathyrn Jones 

The Peaceful Parenting Coach

Peaceful Parenting for Healthy Families

Megan Wyatt

Wives of Jannah

3 Elements to Create a Passionate Marriage 

Umm Talha

Marital Arts

The Art of Marriage - Keys to a Healthy Relationship

Afshan Khan

Sukoon Healing

Effective Communication in Marriage

Day 8 - Special Feature: Islamic Remedies

5th August 2017 

Umm Amaar 

Hijama Nation 

Revive and Establish The Forgotten Sunnah of Hijama Cupping Therapy

Najat Haddouch

Islamic Medicine Academy

Black Seed: a Cure for Everything Except Death. Everything You Need to Know About It.

Nabilla Farooq

Be Fit the Prophet's Way

7 Prophetic Remedies for Weight Loss 

Dr. Asma Mahmood 

Healing Hijama Clinic and Pain Centre 

Effective and Low-Cost Islamic Remedies 



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